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Nov 4, 2013 6:00am PST
will be adjourned. >> the white house house and the head of the congress is rejecting nsa leaker edward snowden's please for a clemency. that would give him a lesser punishment if he would return to the united states. officials say that no offers are being discussed and that he should return to the united states and faces charges. >> the head of the senate intelligence committee is defending the national security agency. the agency is facing the global criticism and claims that it spied on foreign allies. democratic senator dianne feinstein says that the end as a operate under direction of other departments. >> i believe s a is filled with a good patriotic people who want to do the right thing. they follow the orders that they are given. the administration controls intelligence. the national intelligence framework is put together by the administration. our priorities are ranked. as i understand it's a these are the priorities of one, terrorism, to, support of our military abroad. 3, nuclear counter proferation, 4, hard targets. and now cyber. those are the main areas. so essentially the end as
Nov 4, 2013 4:00am PST
as a liquor edward snowden is missing home. with the details in his latest appeal to u.s. officials. >>anny: welcome back. a scare at birmingham alabama's international airport just two days after the deadly shooting at lax is calling into question airport's security. how safe are you at an airport? do americans deck there's a get the nation's airports for granted? cnn's a shelby lynne explains why they shouldn't. >>: sunday afternoon off authorities evacuated the airport over a bomb threat. police say someone found a note containing a spread prompted the evacuation. it cost for cancellation of a dozen flights. birmingham police sergeant says a search at the airport turned up nothing. >>: big inconvenience to everyone involved. visitors officers. employees. >>: and may have been a big employee but the incident comes just two days after the shooting and lax. >>: it's very difficult to stop these types of attacks. anyone can show up as we saw in the navy yard with a shotgun. in this case with a semi-automatic and you know it's like a shopping mall outside the perimeter it's almost like an ope
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2